Shazam VS Captain Marvel: Movie Review

Shazam VS Captain Marvel: Movie Review

Special things

  • Movie Review: Shazam
  • Artists: Jakari Levi, Eshar Angel, Jack Dillon Grajer, Mark Strong, etc.
  • Director: David F. Sandberg
  • Banner: Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Rating: *** 1/2

Is the Powers of ‘Shazam’ and ‘Captain Marvel’ same

Destiny shows a different game. The game is that the formula for both ‘Shazam’ and ‘Captain Marvel’ is one. The powers of both are the same. The two biggest comics makers of the world, DC Comics, and Marvel Studios saw all the bets on both sides.

If both were released then only one year, back and forth for a few days. Those who do not know the history of Captain Marvel will be surprised to know that the rule is the rule that the child named Billy Baston becomes the superhero, Captain Marvel.

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How the identity of both of them became different and how the two companies became the copyright of different companies, this is a long story.

‘Shazam’ is the best film after Wonder Woman in the DC comics

Just talk about ‘Shazam’, which is the best film after Wonder Woman in the comics produced by DC Comics. Who does not love superheroes doing child-friendly acts?

KK Shukla, a famous screenwriter who wrote all the super hit films of Manmohan Desai once said that there must be a child in the story of a super hit film, should be a sad mother and should be a strong villain, You started looking at the hero. This is all in governance.

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Marvel has made his cinematic Universe firmly in the entire world. Now turn DC’s extended Universe. Billy Baston’s childhood is full of troubles but one day when he gets the power that he becomes a superhero as a Shazam, the atmosphere changes from home to school and outside.

Shazam is the first superhero to get the powers from the same codeword

He is the first superhero to get the powers from the same codeword and return to his original form with the same word. The film is very close to Indian sensibilities. If the story of a child wandering in search of his mother becomes absolutely powerful, then the laughter is also good.

Like Captain Marvel, when the Shazam is able to control its power, then whatever happens after that, it is worth looking at the screen.

the world is changing. Humans are less angry now. DC Comics has also understood this. His cinema is also turning towards the good things in life. This journey of DC Comics from dark to light is pleasant.

After the Wonder Woman, the Shazam is the best stop, and in the coming time, this new character is going to give tough competition to the movies of Marvel as well at the box office. In our point of view ‘Shazam‘ gets three and a half stars.

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