Blacklist (Season 6): Real and fake entangled suspense thriller

Blacklist (Season 6): Real and fake entangled suspense thriller

If the Game of Thrones is a favorite web series of children and youth. Then something similar is achieved in the web series of elders, blacklist.

Digital Review: Blacklist (Season 6)
Artists: James Spadder, Megan Bun, Diego Claytahoff, Harry Lennix, Amir Erison, Mozhan Marno, Hisham Tawfik
OTT: NetFlix

Blacklist sixth season is now released in India.

Blacklist is Crime Suspense Thriller Series, whose sixth season, Netflix has now released in India.

Prior to the start of the sixth season of the blacklist, viewers were shown in the last season that real Raymond Redington is dead and the person who is with Raymond being FBI, is someone else.

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Blacklist sixth season has entangled suspense thriller

The blacklist starts with Raymond’s dedication to the FBI, he compromises his conviction with the government. And, in turn, keeps a criminal from the blacklist of criminals around the world using the FBI’s Special Task Force.

Only special agent Elizabeth Keane tells of all those secrets.

The relationship between father and daughter has come out in both of them. But Keane has also come to know that the reality of this drama is something else because he has learned about his father real Raymond Redington.

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Emotions are the real attraction of this sixth season of the blacklist

In the sixth season, Keane gives Raymond a chance to shed his excuse and then himself appears to be trying to save him from the sentence of hanging. The boom of this tide of emotions and flowing is the real attraction of this sixth season of the series.

The sixth season of the series revolves around Megan Bun, playing Raymond, James Spider, and Alibbeth Keane.

Season 15 episodes are in the first installment and the remaining four episodes are to be released in the second installment. This time, if you are in the mood of binge-watching on weekends, the sixth season of the blacklist is absolutely free for you.

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