11 best war movies of Hollywood

11 best war movies of Hollywood

In Bollywood, you will see many movies based on war, whether it is based on the war between India and Pakistan or between India and China. These films are also playing well at the box office.

But in Hollywood, there were films based on a war that made temblor worldwide.

In these films, the martyrdom of the soldiers and his martyrdom for the country has been shown very well. Let’s talk about the world’s famous 11 best war movies of Hollywood films which shook the box office.

Here is the list of 11 best war movies of Hollywood.


‘Top Gun’

11 best war movies of Hollywood

The film ‘Top Gun’, which was released almost 33 years ago, created history as soon as it was released. Not only in the case of earnings but also a ‘secret mission’ of the American army was completed by the film.

The movie ‘Top Gun’ is based on an article published in a magazine in California in 1983 with the same name. This article was about the US Navy’s training program ‘Strike Fighter Tactician Instructor Program’ (SFTI).

SFTI is also called top gun. Under this program, pilots associated with Navy are given the training to fly fighter jets. Seeing Tom Cruise’s ‘Top Gun’ at that time, there was such frenetic recruitment among the people that he was opened to the counter outside the cinema hall for his recruitment.


Pearl Harbor

11 best war movies of Hollywood

78 years ago, in the year 1941 during the Second World War, the American naval base was attacked by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor.

This was the first attack on American soil in World War II. Japan bombarded Pearl Harbor for an hour and 15 minutes. More than a hundred Japanese soldiers were killed in this attack.

This movie was made on the same attack. 2 American youths take part in World War II as Raffe and Danny Pilot.

Raffe is so eager to participate in this war that he goes to fight in Europe with the Royal Air Force of England. Rafe’s girlfriend Evelyn relaxes in Danny’s arms.

The three meet again just before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The film, which came in 2001, made many records, despite criticism.


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The Heart Locker

11 best war movies of Hollywood

The story begins with the deployment of three soldiers of the Explosives Ordinance Disposal Unit of the American Army, which went to Iraq in 2004. These soldiers dispose of bombs planted by terrorists in Iraq.

Changing relationships between soldiers fighting in day-night battles have been shown in the film.

This is the theme of this film, what is the yearning to go back to the battleground even after returning from battleground to home. The film was directed by Katherine Bigelow. The film starred Jeremy Reiner, Anthony Mikey, Guy Pierce, David Morse, and Ralph Fiennes.


black Hawk Down

11 best war movies of Hollywood

Released in 2001, the film is based on the journalist Mark Bowden’s book. In 1993, the US Special Forces captured Somalia’s rebel leader Farah Eidid, but after this, counter-reaction was very heavy on him.

In fact, 18 American soldiers are killed in this operation, while 70 have been injured. The army uses Black Hawk helicopters to reduce the troops on the ground.

From there, American soldiers have to struggle to gain their balance while facing heavy firepower. This film is made on the same surgical strike.


Behind the Enemy Lines

11 best war movies of Hollywood

In the story of the film released in 2001, two pilots revolve around one country. According to the information, the Army is a massacre in the country.

These pilots were pulling photos from the top when they were attacked and their plane crashed. A pilot is killed. The second is lying in the woods.

He runs away to save his life. The army is behind it. Meanwhile, Naval Commander gets this information that a Soldier is in trouble. He keeps an eye on him from the satellite and breaks the military law to save him.


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We Are Soldier

11 best war movies of Hollywood

This 2002 film is based on Lieutenant General Harold Jie and journalist Joseph L’s best-selling book ‘We Were Soldiers Once … and Young’.

This film shows the true story of the first major fight between the US and North Vietnamese forces. The film depicts loyalty among the soldiers, the bravery and sacrifice of men and women outside the house and outside.



11 best war movies of Hollywood

Christopher Nolan’s film ‘Dunkirk’, which was released in 2017, is considered one of the best films. The incident of World War II in Dunkirk was that time which the then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had described as a miracle.

Germany and France were duped by Dunkirk and Britain. Operation Dynamo was launched to get the soldiers safe.

These soldiers were first brought in big ships from small boats and then they were rescued. The whole film was based on this incident.

Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy played an important role in ‘Dunkerque’. The film was filmed in IMAX and 70mm for lively vibrancy.


Zero Dark Thirty

11 best war movies of Hollywood

Zero Dark Thirty was released in 2012. Catherine Bigelow’s film ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ not only showed what and what happened that night but also tells the story of Osama bin Laden’s 10 years of trouble after 9/11 attacks.

In the Zero Dark Thirty, the attack carried out by two helicopters entering Osama’s house was presented in the best possible manner. The film shows the fight on terrorism.


13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
12 best war movies of hollywood
11 best war movies of Hollywood

The Secret Soldiers of Benggie was a film based on American war-biography in 2016. It was directed by Michael Bay.

This film was created with the six security personnel who fought while protecting the American political compound in Benghazi, Libya, when the terrorists attacked there on 11 September 2012.


Lone Survivor
12 best war movies of hollywood
11 best war movies of Hollywood

Lone Survivor was released in the year 2013. The film was directed by Peter Berg. The film was based on Marcus Lutrell’s 2007 book with Patrick Robinson.

Written and directed by Peter Berg, the film starred Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emil Hirsch, Ben Foster, and Eric Bana. This movie was one of the popular films of the year 2013.


Hacksaw ridge
12 best war movies of hollywood
11 best war movies of Hollywood

The hacksaw ridge is the real story of the American soldier Dos who did not carry weapons in life but went to every battle to save others’ lives.

This ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ movie was released in 2016. The film was directed by Mel Gibson. In the film, Dos’ character was played by Andrew Garfield. The film belonged to a soldier who is a religious man and believes in killing someone.

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